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Improve your language learning by reading and listening to stories.

Are you learning a language? Improve your level with stories generated in the language you're learning and according to your preferences. Practice your listening skills and learn new words and expressions.

Generate a story

With storylang, generate stories to suit your tastes. Choose the elements you want to appear in your stories, select your language, categories and story style, and let the AI do the rest.

Read your story in audio format

Once your story is ready, you can listen to the audio version while reading the text, to help you work on your listening skills. Practice identifying words and expressions in the text as you listen to the audio.

Learn new things from your stories

Through the stories you generate, discover new words and expressions and expand your vocabulary. Save your expressions to revisit them later when you can.


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What you can do with your credit

Generate a story according to your needs
Get audio transcription of your story
Save expression from the generated story
Get the translation of your story
Access everything when you need it



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10 credit




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30 credit



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Frequently asked questions

We have compile a list of commonly asked questions to provide you with quick and information answers.

StoryLang lets you generate stories based on your preference and then read them or listen to the audio associated with them to improve your language level. You can choose the type of story your want to generate, choose the language of your story and categories.
To generate your stories, we make particular use of the OpenAI api, which we've enhanced with customized instructions.
You can generate bedtime story, fable, fairytaile, Adventure and so on.
Our tests have shown that it takes around 3 minutes to generate a story and his transcription based on the criteria you define.
Yes you can download the audio file of the story. It's yours.
No. Unfortunately, as using AI costs money and as we cannot recover credits spent during resource consumption, we do not offer refunds at this time.
There's no need to cancel your subscription, as there's no subscription required to use Storylang. You only pay for the credits you use to generate your stories.

Have any other question?

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